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1.   You are holding a kick off meeting for the build out of a new data center. This will be the largest, most  costly and most complex project you have worked on in your career. You have counted up the number of stakeholders, vendors and project team members to be 52. In order to stress to the group how important and difficult communication will be on the project you want to tell them how many channels of communication exist on the project. What would you tell them?

A. 2625 channels exist on the project

B. 52 channels exist on the project

C. 2704 channels exist on the project

D. 1326 channels exist on the project


2.   A communications management plan should include all of the following, EXCEPT:

A. Glossary of Common Terminology

B. Escalation List/Contacts

C. Person that will issue weekly reports

D. Risk Register


3.   You are working on a project with a fixed fee contract, therefore communications should tend toward?

A. Formal Verbal Communication

B. Informal Written Communication

C. Formal Written Communication

D. Informal Verbal Communication


4.   A project initially starts out with 3 stakeholders but the number increases to 7 during the course of the project. How many channels does the project manager now need to manage?

A. 18 channels

B. 10 channels

C. 21 channels

D. 7 channels


5.   You are the Project Manager and are responsible for the development of a mall. As with any construction project, there will be multiple iterations of blueprints and engineering drawings, so you have decided to create an online database that can be used to query the documents by name, type, date, etc. This is an example of what type of communication tool?

A. Project Management Information System

B. Lessons Learned

C. Project Records

D. Configuration Management System


6.   You are working on a project where all the team members are located in geographically different areas, therefore all the communication is done via e-mail and chat. It is sometimes hard to get the true meaning of these messages because you can't see facial expression or hear tone of voice, this is an example of?

A. Encoding

B. Medium

C. Decoding

D. Noise


7.   You are reviewing a project with Tom, a new project manager. While discussing the communication requirements with Tom, you find that he has an impression that a project with 'n' number of stakeholders has 'n' communication channels. You are aware that this is wrong. What is the rightanswer?

A. No of channels = n(n+1)/2 where n = number of stakeholders

B. No of channels = (n+1)*(n-1)/2 where n = number of stakeholders

C. No of channels = n(n-1)/2n where n = number of stakeholders

D. No of channels = n(n-1)/2 where n = number of stakeholders


8.   Your project calls for communication with a very large audience. What communication method would be appropriate under such circumstances?

A. Pull communication

B. Interactive communication

C. Two-way communication

D. Push communication


9.   An external auditor is auditing the quality of your project's management processes. Which of the following processes this activity relates to?

A. Control Quality

B. Perform Quality Assurance

C. Validate Scope

D. Control Procurements


10. Successful project managers generally spend an inordinate of time, doing what?

A. Updating the Project Management Plan

B. Communicating

C. Working Scheduled Activities

D. Managing Risks





1.   D - Communication Channel formula is: n(n-1)/2. N=Number of people involved on the project. 52(52-1)/2   52*51=2652 2652/2=1326 [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 292] [Project Communications Management]

2.   D - The Risk Register is part of Risk Management and is not included in the Communications Management Plan. [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 296] [Project Communications Management]

3.   C - Anytime contracts are involved in a project, the project manager/team should use formal written

communication methods. [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 287] [Project Communications Management]

4.   C - The correct answer is 21. The number of channels = n(n-1)/2 where n is the number of stakeholders. Since there are 7 stakeholders now, the number of channels is 7 X 6 / 2 = 21. [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 292] [Project Communications Management]

5.   A - The online database is an example of a Project Management Information System. [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 554] [Project Communications Management]

6.   D - Anything that interferes with the meaning of a message is considered noise. [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 293] [Project Communications Management]

7.   D - The correct response is n(n-1)/2 where n = number of stakeholders. [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 292] [Project Communications Management]

8.   A - The situation in the project would call for pull communication. This is suited for very large audiences and would allow them to access information content at their own discretion. [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 295] [Project Communications Management]

9.   B - This is an example of a quality audit by an external auditor. This is a tool and technique of the Perform Quality Assurance process. [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 247] [Project Quality Management]

10. B - Most projects fail because of poor communication. Successful project managers spend a great deal of time communicating. [PMBOK 5th edition, Page 287] [Project Communications Management]



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